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2nd Sep 2021 from TwitLonger

My time Playing Call Of Duty Professionally is over

Hey guys, I didn't think i'd be writing this out so soon, but i will be retiring from competitive call of duty, Its been a good 6 years and i've met some amazing people along the way, when i first set out to achieve this dream of mine not a single person believed in me, walking into my parents room after I qualified for the pro league for the first time and seeing their faces is something I'm never going to forget.

I still feel like im good enough to compete in the league but unfortunately the odds are not in my favour this time, and personally i don't think a player with my play style will gain much traction in challengers, i do wish the best of luck to everyone fighting to make it, its harder then most people think.

To be honest with you all, this may be the scariest moment of my life, all i've ever known since i was 17 is Call Of Duty, i gave up everything else to be here, i don't know anything else.

Ill be full time streaming and making as much content as i can in the meantime, Coaching is something i've thought about and would love to have a go at, but i can't sit here and wait for that opportunity to come.

Thank you all the support over the years, you've seen me at my best, and defiantly at my worst. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve your dreams, ill be making a youtube video to explain more.

Thank you to my family, My Wife, And all former teammates for supporting me through the worst of times, i couldn't of done it without any of you.


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