About recent Roster Changes

With the historical achievement of making 1st div for the first time since our introduction to the 99Damage League, we also had to face a potential rebuild.
Including the addition of Jockel and Chuuuda to our roster.

Now, after one month of play and some ups and downs, the team decided that it would be better to make some changes to the active roster. Sadly we weren't able to create the right circumstances for Chuuuda and Jockel to be able to thrive, and the team felt like they did not fit the overall environment.

That also means that TWEEZYCS and xTreMe will be returning to the team, having resolved some personal matters.

We still wish both Jockel and Chuuuda all the best going forward! Two straight wins vs. Questionmark in the UPS were a clear indicator of their capability and both showed great individual prowess to get those wins.

We are looking forward to completing the rest of the season after this little reset and return to form. Thanks for everybody who is supporting us 💚 #FEARtheGREEN

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