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31st Aug 2021 from TwitLonger

My Official Novo Response to the Arcadum Situation

I will not disclose the information Arcadum initially told me regarding this event - as he told me in client confidence. I was first informed 3 days ago. He was not remotely truthful with our agency, and reported a vastly different situation than these women collaborated. On the morning of 8/30, based on the knowledge he had given us prior to the women coming out, we offered to fund a 3rd party investigation to discern the truth of his initial claim. Needless to say now, that investigation is no longer required.

I love Dungeons and Dragons, and was honored to represent Arcadum for his contribution to it. I fell in love with Arcadum's world of Verum. As a roleplayer in multiple games of his, a leader in Callous Row, and as an agent supporting his business, I am beyond betrayed and disappointed. I am most sorry for the women affected. Many of you I know and collaborated with. I wish I had any idea then of what you were going through. 

I am tired of having to see tweets from women suffering this kind of abuse with no recourse. Fortunately - and finally - I am in a unique position to show that in this industry, actions can and should have consequences. Matt and I started Novo to stand against predatory ethical practices in this industry. We're making another step in that direction today. We wholeheartedly condemn this behavior and will not suffer it.  

Effective immediately, we are terminating Arcadum's contract with our agency. We are ending all business and advising our partners to do the same. This is not to our benefit. We will lose $20,000 in merchandise inventory and multiple business deals in circulation. I am also stepping away from my participation in Arcadum's D&D games and brand permanently. I want to make a clear statement: we stand with the brave women who came out despite the difficulty and pressure of doing so. I encourage others to do the same.

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