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31st Aug 2021 from TwitLonger

My experience with Arcadum

My experience with Arcadum was in simple terms vulnerable from the start. I was hoping to help grow my RP experience while I was at my rock bottom living in a spare room with the goal to volunteer somewhere I was passionate about. I reached out to Arcadum after meeting him in a different lobby where I explained a bit of my circumstance by asking if he needed free work.
From the start he knew I was in a vulnerable state and his first request was to be a friend. As I was dealing with alot of hardships I assumed he had no ill intentions so I opened up a bit and told him about my life. After some time he started hitting on me and I recall having that sense of obligation since he bought me my first VR headset.

After some time I switched to helping Callous Row. I was passionate about helping the talented team and making the project grow. I played a character without a soul since he underestimated how insecure I was at the time due to life events but I tried to prevail. I ended up retiring the character to just learn how to film in order to make Season 3 have decent videos.

Throughout this he would flirt with me quite a bit and kept promising grandiose ideas. After some time the relationship became strictly professional but there was one night that completely ruined my summer.

There was a valid concern brought up by a staff member and Arcadum went off on them. It was uncalled for so as his friend I tried to talk to him in private to tell him how he messed up and how to fix it since the event was unacceptable. He ended up hitting on me hard and trying to distract himself instead of trying to address the situation at hand. I recall saying something along the lines of “you wanted professional boundaries” to highlight his hypocrisy as well as just asking him to stop but he continued. I bit my tongue since he streamed shortly after while I was dealing with flashbacks of my PTSD from my assault.

I ended up drinking like a sailor that night and blacked out on VRChat wondering what I could have done to improve the situation. I was trying to rationalize an irrational event. I ended up waking up covered in my own vomit and I'm grateful I was sleeping sidewise that night.

He started me on a spiral of PTSD. I didnt sleep for days. It got so bad I needed to be hospitalized. He manipulated me and used me like a pawn knowing I was vulnerable.

I am posting this not for sympathy but for awareness of his tactics of abuse of power to gain a pity party of girls into gaining sympathy from them and then slowly pushing those boundaries when it’s not good enough for him. I was groomed and I was naïve but as I see over 10(+?) girls who have fallen victim to him I know what he did was intentional. He is a predator.

In case you still have doubts:

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