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27th Aug 2021 from TwitLonger

Statement: PSGL's view on the past 24 hours

Firstly thanks to everyone for their continued support throughout the last 24 hours. Naturally, we were aware of the situation well before the public but decided to remain quiet in respect of the Esports scene and those involved.

PSGL’s position is quite clear - we agree that there isn’t enough communication from Codemasters nor is there enough support since our rise to the top of league racing at the start of F1 2020. We agree that Codemasters’ inability to have a patch ready until the Autumn is inexcusable given the game was released in July.

We hope these things are rectified and at least addressed in the future as ultimately we all want the same thing moving forward - a better community for everyone, esports driver or average league racer. Communication is key.

We agree and feel, unfortunately, despite it negatively impacting PSGL, that it would also be unfair on the Esports drivers not to get the new handling for a couple of months - like the public, because the Pro Series is expected to start in Autumn and thus there would be a limited amount of time to prepare for the season ahead.

The reasons for the decision to give the Esports teams/drivers the update earlier than the public are completely acceptable (practice time, handling testing, AI not fully ready), but again, if this was communicated clearly then I think everyone would have completely understood, especially to PSGL directly given that we have over 20 Esports-linked drivers in our top tier.

One aspect of this that does need to be addressed is the topic of Codemasters, in particular Dan Hawkins, who has been attacked for his potential involvement. The rhetoric currently is that they (Dan especially) don’t want league racing to succeed, or at least, PSGL given the unprecedented growth that we have enjoyed since July is a potential threat.

Whether that is true given AOR’s demise, who knows? Our own dealings with Dan haven’t been pleasant nor professional in the past. Given that Dan was a fundamental part of why AOR succeeded (but also failed in the end), you’d have thought he’d be very supportive of leagues such as our own, especially given 99% of Esports drivers start in leagues.

Dan currently has me (BigC) blocked on Twitter and he’s had some difficult dealings with other members of the community - so you can appreciate why people are attacking Dan - rightly or wrongly and why the anti-PSGL (league racing) conspiracy currently exists.

Our goal at PSGL is to continue to be the dominant force in league racing, housing the best drivers and giving them a professional environment to compete in. Finding the next Esports stars of the future as the grassroots of the Pro Scene - certainly not as a threat or competition to the main event.

Moving forward, our priority is to continue Season 29 as planned with the Esports drivers involved in our PSGL PC F1 tier. If that is not possible, the alternative option is to combine the existing drivers who wish to continue with the best of F2, or simply not run a top tier PC F1 season until January.

At the start of the season, we were aware and prepared for at some point during the season that the drivers will have to switch their full attention to the 2021 pro series half-way through. While we accept this is a reality, for it to happen in August was the cause of the drama and something that could have been avoided had there been better communication.

At the end of the day, you have to take emotions out of it and appreciate both sides of the argument. Ultimately, league racing is a lot more than just Esports drivers. PSGL and many other leagues over the years survived and flourished regardless.

No doubt, it will be a shame if we can’t see our PC F1 championship continue but understandably, the focus should be on the Pro Series so there is no issue at all with the teams and drivers focusing on the new handling, should they get it again in September.

Thanks again for the support,

Connor / BigC (@BigC_019)
Owner of Premier Sim Gaming Leagues

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