Clearing this fake air.


Before I begin, no this is not a return to twitter. I just saw a shit ton of people stretching the truth, and I want to make some things clear here before I sign off.

No, the girl and I are not dating anymore. She has a new boyfriend her age. The only reason her bio on ig still has my name in it, is because it's a dead account. I do not wish to date her anymore, I only wish to date people my age.

No, I did not engage in any sexual interactions with her, be it pics or sexual conversations. None of that ever happened, I did not. The relationship stayed only a relationship until it further died down and I found out the truth, which would further lead to us breaking up.

No, I haven't even been able to confirm if the ages given to me were even legit, because I didn't want to take chances, I decided to trust and let go of the relationship.

Yes, I am getting help with this situation, I have been since the very beginning. Every other day, I have been going to therapy sessions in order to help me get over the mess that happened and learn from my mistakes.

No, it is not okay to fake screenshots like I've seen a lot of people do. This is just wrong, even if I was also in the wrong.

Yes, we broke up and got together at one point, but I still didn't know she was younger by this point in time. The reason we broke up, was to split for a bit because we kept fighting and return later. This goes back to the first thing I said, being no, after this, we are not and will not be getting back together. I know better than to do that kind of stuff and I have learned not to do them.

And finally, no, I don't intend to return to twitter. There's a mass amount of people that want me to just vanish from the internet, so I do not see a reason in staying, even after all I've said. I acknowledge that I was in the wrong for not verifying properly and I acknowledge I should've known and done better. I realize this. But what I won't stick for, is the amount of misinformation that went into this situation. I hope I answered everything I needed to, so I'm done responding. Farewell.


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