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5th Aug 2021 from TwitLonger

Our departure from Mindfreak

As some of you may or may not know, Mindfreak recently released us from the org. This release came out of the blue to us. Even though cavemanben had just left we were still under the assumption we were not going to be dropped. We were prepared to put in the time to find a new third and before being dropped we had actually acquired a new 3rd at the time, therefore leaving us questioning the decision to drop us because ‘cavemanben left and we didn't have a third.’ Our contract stated we were to be paid weekly but from the time I signed on 09/03/2021 to the time of our contracts termination (02/06/2021) we were only paid once.

We were notified of our contract being terminated on the 2nd of June and as stated in section 6.2, we are required 30 days written notice via email before termination of contract. The earliest notice was given on June 2nd, that means that the earliest the contract could be terminated would be the 02/07/21, which is past the date of contract expiry. With us last being paid on 05/05/21 ($1000) we were still due to be paid for all of May and June as our contract was still valid for 30 days after notice of termination.

We're coming up to the 3 month mark of not being paid the money we're owed. When talking to Naked (former MF owner) about our owed payment, he then forwarded us to Emjae (new MF owner) who had absolutely no clue what was going on, informing us that he was not informed he had to pay us. Leaving us in a sticky situation, he offered to pay us both $500 but we declined that as we would be not receiving all the money we're owed.

Since then my team mate Requiem has been trying to get a hold of Naked to get the money we're owed as Emjae wasn't even in ownership of the org when we were owed our money, who since passing on the org has been ghosting Requiem and we can't get a hold of him. Please pay us our owed money Naked.

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