5th Aug 2021 from TwitLonger

Benched / LF opportunities

Hello my friends ,

As of today i will be benched in the MAD Lions squad and wont be playing with the team.

I have to mention that i never really felt comfortable in the team ingame and didnt really have the chance to lead the game the way im used to ,so it affected my confidence and performance during my stay here.

On the positive side i can say i learned and improved a lot on some aspects inside and outside of the game thanks to the people in MAD Lions , and i can say i really had fun with the boys ,so i know i can bring more to my next team with the experience i got. I am very thankful for the professionalism and the time we spent together.

Will be enjoying my vacation until the end of the player break now so i can reset my mind and come back hungry for work as i am super motivated to play on a high level again.

Once again thanks for the time and for the chance you gave me and i wish you the best of luck @TMB @sausol @tudson @jL @woro @musamban1 @kuben @MADLions_EN @Feiron42 and @martina_cubric.

I am allowed to search for new offers/opportunities ,so if anyone is interested in me both as IGL or Non-IGL which im ready to try , you can contact me in DM or spellansf@gmail.com! I feel confident to try any new role in a team ,so dont hesitate :D!

See ya next season ❤

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