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4th Aug 2021 from TwitLonger

1. Why not have the same rule about tie trading in GT and Ladder?

Ultimately, that’s what we want. Like I said in the previous thread, tie trading is not a practice we want to encourage as it can be unhealthy for the game and leaderboard. This is true for any tournaments or in the Ladder.

Realistically and honestly, it’s easier for the fair play team to check tie trading for 100 players in a 3 days tournament than for 1000 players in a month-long season.

And as it was made pretty clear this weekend, tie trading is a widely spread practise among players. If we want to enforce a rule to stop that, we would need:
- A reliable system and process to support it.
- Warn the players way in advance before enforcing that rule.

2. Special treatment for pros vs casuals

I think it might be useful to give you some insight into how we work when it comes to bans. We have two teams that can check and apply sanctions on your accounts:

- The fair play/anti-fraud team. If you finish top 100 in a Global Tournament or top 1000 at the end of a season, they’re the ones that will make sure your account is clean.
- The support team. They’re handling the everyday requests from players. If you send a message in-game, they’re the ones answering.

On Saturday, a player contacted the support to report the tie trading between Lucas and SandBox. They applied a sanction for what they thought was a strong breach of the ToS.

Something that the fair play team should have handled fell into the hands of the support, and due to miscommunication and misunderstanding, the wrong sanction has been applied.

It is very unlikely that casual players get reported to the support for tie trading. But we have now made sure that it will be processed the right way if this is the case.

3. What about the other bans?

I’m getting tagged every week by players that claim their ban is a mistake. If the reason for your ban is:

- Account sharing/buying/transferring ownership
- Disruptive behaviour

I’m 100% sure your ban is valid.

I might regret saying that, but every time I’m getting tagged on Twitter, and if I can easily find the account, I check. I don’t answer, I don’t engage, but I check “just to be sure”. For every single account I verified, the bans were valid.

If you’re banned permanently, you have a “Contact Support” button. For “Disruptive behaviour”, permanent bans are applied after at least 3 temporary bans, so you see it coming.

We’re working closely and continuously with the support and fair play teams to improve the process and communication regarding sanctions and bans. The tools we have and the people behind them are getting better and more accurate day by day.

I understand where this criticism comes from, but we treat our players equally. If a pro gets a permanent ban because he bought his account, “illegal” gems, or if he's repeatedly toxic in the game, he will stay banned.

Thank you again to everyone who was commenting constructively and respectfully. Your opinions and thoughts are valuable to us to improve and build a better system and process.

Cheers 🤝

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