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3rd Aug 2021 from TwitLonger

Free Agent

My time with Andbox was brief but I appreciate the opportunity and the support provided by the organization. There were some creative differences over the last couple months in how we wanted to approach things and this parting is for the best.

Before selecting a team in June, I really believed in the potential of this ABX squad and thought it was my best opportunity to win at the time. I still think that our roster had some insane talent and I have no regrets with how I picked my team.

After having some time to think about the recent loss, I regret making a tweet referencing ping-related excuses following our VCT elimination. I worked hard over the last year to be a flexible and consistent player and I think I found success often on both an individual and team level. But last week’s loss to TSM—from my individual performance perspective—was such a low for me. The feeling of letting your teammates down while they were all making clutch play after clutch play to try and help us win was demoralizing. It hit so hard knowing that was on me. I should have powered down and taken a few days off before trying to make an excuse. Ping is an issue in this game, but every pro deals with it and it was a lazy cop out… maybe trying to deflect some of the hate I was seeing. But the reality is even an average performance from me wins us that series, period. Accepting this gives me motivation to keep pushing forward toward winning.

That being said, I am moving to Austin by the end of the month and should be streaming again regularly. With Andbox’s announcement I’m now a complete free agent.

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