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30th Jul 2021 from TwitLonger

My retirement. Thank you Rocket League

Today it is with a heavy heart I officially announce my retirement from Competitive Rocket League.
This won’t come as a surprise to many, as I’ve toned down my efforts to compete over the last months.
Where do I start? Probably with CHEEKYlad and Duck, my first ever teammates, they took on a young kid with a dream, and we came so close to achieving that dream. Thank you both, because I hold memories with you guys that will last a lifetime. We fucking reached insomnia Grand Finals!!
Next up is Meaty, unfortunately, we never quite achieved our goals as teammates, but we have shared some amazing moments together and it has been awesome to compete alongside and against you for such a long time, thank you for taking a chance on me and introducing me to the bubble scene. I love my brother Niki
Treefork, I noticed you in ranked and just loved the way you played, I knew I had to try with you and I’m so glad I did. I’m sorry insomnia didn’t go to plan, but it led to us finding Psycho so I will never regret it.
Psycho, thank you for trying out with Tree and I at insomnia after our RLRS 3rd went awol, if you hadn’t, I would never have achieved my goal of playing in RLCS.
Psycho and BoyScHoolQ: Thanks to the time we spent as a team under Wind and Rain, I truly learned what it was to be a competitor. We shared so many amazing times, stomping weekly to weekly, and coming so close to achieving RLRS but ultimately falling short, thank you both so much for giving it your all.
Matsgrey and Madssssss.
Well, where do I even start here? You guys were the only tryout I got before RLCS X, and as I sit here writing this with a tear in my eye, thanks to you guys, I achieved my dream and played on the biggest stage of them all: RLCS. Thank you both so much for your effort, dedication, and belief in yourselves, myself, and us as a whole.
MINKZ Gaming, Chris and Ryuu:
Thank you to all of you, you put time, effort, and belief into us when truthfully, we didn’t earn it. But had it not been for you guys, especially Ryuu, I probably would’ve never played in RLCS.
Sebadam: You may have never realised it but ever since competing against you at insomnia63, I dreamed of playing with you, your playstyle was exactly what I wanted, how ironic that I ended up with the same coach as you. Unfortunately, our time together didn’t amount to much more than some fun times and tournaments but thank you also.
Thank you to TLR Esports, in particular Chefinal and amorphess, you guys dedicated a lot of time and resources into us and I’m sorry that we ended up falling short whilst with you guys.
Last of all, thank you to noot n chill, you were my “manager” for the longest time, but you were so much more than that, and I’m so grateful that we got to share insomnia with you.

To the RL community: thank you for having me, and most importantly, putting up with me, you know what I mean ;)
I love each and every single one of you, and to those of you still chasing your dreams within the game, please believe in yourself, because in this harsh world not many people will.

I am now officially the washed up boy. Goodbye❤️

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