Good luck and thank you to our Dota 2 squad.

We are saddened to announce that we are now parting ways with our whole Dota 2 roster.

This roster has carried our green and blue jersey through various tournaments and esports leagues. Together, we've garnered numerous achievements and even secured the Upper Division slot at the Dota2 Pro Circuit. Their experiences, skills, and knowledge of the game individually and as a team are undeniably unequaled. We are truly grateful for your efforts in carrying the Smart Omega Esports banner.

Thank you, Shanks, SamH, Tino, CML, Mac, and JL. Good luck with whatever journey and career path you plan to follow and lead. We sincerely hope for the best in your careers and your future. 💚💙

The Smart Omega Esports management will use this opportunity to prepare for the next wave of Dota 2 leagues, especially with the upcoming DPC season, so be sure to follow our page for the next update regarding our roster.

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