Neuro-Balance Therapy Reviews

One of the most common complaints of those who suffer from imbalance is pain, and Neuro-balance Therapy aims to bring the pain back into line with where it should be. Many times, when we fall into the trap of believing that something is wrong with us, we push down on our stomach, or our head, or feel tightness in areas that don't actually need it. A great way to help get out of the habit of pushing our body to the extent that it feels like nerve damage, is to learn to listen to our body. Listening to our body will help to determine if something may be out of balance.

Was developed by Chris Wilson, PhD, a Chiropractor in Seattle, Washington. He had experienced many patients with chronic pain and decided to give alternative medicine a try. Chris noticed that his patients were getting started right away with what was working for other patients, and he set out to do his own research to create his own formula for healing pain.

After creating his own formula, he felt that Neuro-balance Therapy was a natural extension of the methods he was already using to relieve pain and stimulate the nervous system. People that have used Chris Wilson's Neuro- Balanced Therapy with success have described their experiences as amazing!

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