Comp teams of Alter/Tidal/Artemis Org

(Remaining teams are unaffected)

I have been thinking really hard recently, from changing my personal Twitter so my teams can have a brand to even be told by some teams they don’t like the name so I constantly change for their self interests and benefits or that they keep wanting more and more, losing nearly everything ive earned over the years:
$33,000 org earnings
$8,000 was my personal
-$14,000 for my teams leagues, Xbox’s, PCs, controllers, keyboards, mice, or anything they needed which I paid for all of it, showed support to all of em, just for them to disband. CSGO was so much easier than R6 to handle.
Ive gone through a total of 34 Xbox rosters, 9 pc rosters since Artemis (exkage, Kae9ine Jvias, snzei, ecli9se, easilyy, Skxxy, rada) disbanded and moved to pc late 2018.

I’ll finalize my paragraph by saying I gave my effort to fulfill all my teams needs when they needed it to just feel under appreciated, even teams playing in the coliseum this last season for Xbox and pc I spent $2,000 out of pocket just so people could make money and play to get to their goals.
With Unstable, Tidal, and some of the other teams disbanding as well as R6 in its current state, I have decided I want to back out and support the remaining teams more as a sponsor and support rather than as an organization… my efforts seem to have no end to hope for people to fulfill what they want to achieve as well as getting them their full support when personal life as well as comp life gets tough.
I no longer want to feel unappreciated especially with me feeling under appreciated being a military personnel that I no longer want to continue being let down.

To those who read this thank you, and coliseum and alter/Artemis/tidal will no longer function as a specific org and I’d rather my name just be the support for the teams as it’s always been.

Much love, and I hope everyone can reach their goals if need be my contact is always open.
-Arcadia Yeuiy
Insta: brenden_weigle Yeuiy_TTV
Twitter: bweigle9 (or this one)
Snapchat: bweigle
Discord: Arcadia#0009

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