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18th Jul 2021 from TwitLonger

My LEC Experience

As most of you know I was an analyser and a caster this weekend in the LEC and I want to talk about it.

First of all I want to thank the LEC and whoever made this all happen. Being in the studio watching the games and meeting a bunch of pro players was significant in itself, but that I also got to be apart of the show was absolutely incredible. So thank you very much LEC for having me, this is a weekend il never forget.

I arrived in berlin Thursday 1 day before I was gonna be on camera, I had barely slept for 3 days and I had no appetite whatsoever because I was so nervous and stressed out. Caedreal asks me if I wanna grab dinner with him and drakos, we ended up eating and playing Mario kart/smash bros all night (I destroyed them but caedreal gf too good so she beat me). After all this I was more excited than nervous. Pogman.

Looking back at it I think I did fine with no recent experience but all credit goes to sjokz, caedreal and drakos. These guys hard carried me both on and off camera (helped me a lot with the stress). It might be hard to see it but trust me without them, it would be a complete disaster. Also Just amazing and down to earth people so I hope I get to meet them sometime in the future again.

This was just a 1 time thing, someone like me doesnt belong in a competitive and serious environment (would be down to do it again though once in a while).

My only criticism would be that maybe there were a few too many segments dedicated to me and my stream. It's the LEC and people watch it to see the best EU players play league not to know stuff about me. 1 - 2 segments would be enough 3 was too many (in my opinion).

My favorite moment was casting the G2 game and meeting mikyX again uwu

That's it for me thank you LEC, thank you drakos, caedreal and sjokz and thank you to all the fans that supported me. Much love <3


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