Retired - Thank you

Thank you to all the amazing people working at Riot Games for providing such a incredible competition that I was able to compete in for many years.

Thank you to all the teams & players I've been able to work with over all the years and I'm sure I have forgotten a lot of moments, but if I dive deep I will be able to recall pretty much everything.

Thank you to Fnatic giving me another shot of making it into their LEC team, it was something that was a real possibility and the goal of mine. It seems that the team has found their way and I'm very happy for them & I will continue to support their games including the academy team.

I have been extremely fortunate to be able to do what I loved for so long and I'm super proud and happy how everything went from start to finish.

I have decided to stop playing because the chance of me getting back into a top team is very low because of the decisions that I've made during my career.
There is too much uncertainty for me to get back into a top team and even then my love for the game has slowly faded which makes it impossible to stay committed and to try.

Also over the years you get to know different people in every team and honestly there is a lot of people that I'm extremely disappointed in for how they work and what kind of decisions they made/make in exchange for what they get paid.
There's so many players/coaches that deserves less/more depending on how they work and there's nothing wrong about that, just that how people perceive eachother in this industry is a little bit skewed in my opinion.

I'm sure if some owners would see how their players work under them they would be very sad how much money they give them compared to what they get, generally the work ethic in the scene is extremely saddening, there is very little players who give it their 110% on a daily basis
and have the drive to become one of the greatest.

Also what I find very interesting is that the best competitive players that I've worked with are usually the most emotional/(toxic) ones and they usually get flag for how they work or behave, even though those players are in my opinion the most talented and have the most room to become better and better over the years (People perceive negative,toxic, problem solving behaviour a bad thing) which obviously can be but come on, the scene is full of people which are so sensitive and that's been a huge issue for the lack of improvement and progress that players & teams are making. To give a example, in real sports you often see teammates yelling at eachother or even making hand gestures and they know it's a part of it, it's a sport, there is always a reason why a player could be emotional and if they use it to become a better playerbeing then let them use it as a strength in any way they can even if it might be perceived as negative.

Don't be so quick to judge.

This also has to do with the age ofcourse. My message would be: be more thick skinned, don't get so butthurt when you get called out, take responsibility of your actions and realize that you are in control of where your going in this competition. Naturally you will have to push yourself else you will become stale and fall off. I noticed that very little players & coaches like conflict and push away responsibility that will lead to nothing but a 'mediocre' atmosphere in my opinion.

You can't just sit there and hope that things will happen. Reflect upon your behaviour and actions because everything is connected in team setting. You might make the difference as 'One' but you will never win by your own.

Also right now if you get the opportunity to play professional league of legends you should be very grateful. It has been getting harder and harder over the years to shine and if you get the opportunity really make it count.

I wouldn't say that I have a favorite moment. I can't compare the moments that I have experienced nor the people I've met and spend a lot of time with; everything and everyone is incomparable

I think while growing older being put in environments with younger guys takes a lot of understanding and patience which is a extremely usefull skill in general to have. Personally I feel like over the years being so reliant on your teammates to perform during practise and official games can get to your head and mess with your well being.

Stepping down gives me that freedom and a lot of time to think about what I wanna do going forward.

Thank you

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