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13th Jul 2021 from TwitLonger

Injury - Break needed to recover.

As many saw it coming, I will need to take a break.

I had pain/tensions that appeared in my hand at the end of VCT1 and then it really crippled me during the preparation for VCT2 and the tournament itself where I had to force the pain.
Then a week after the VCT2, I had a big crisis in the forearm and also in the trapezoids because it created a compensation chain. The reason for the initial problem came from an overload on the right hand and forearm (valorant with bad mouse grip, gym and too much football table :x).
My goal now is to take the time to recover and come back. Active physiotherapy mixed to rest time are waiting for me and small game time, going step by step.
Thanks to NiP for their support during this period who did everything they could to get me back in time for VCT3 even though I had told them to replace me as soon as possible to not waste time.

If I can help the team during this period of pause I will do it with pleasure and determination because even if I have the feeling that I helped them to step up when I joined them, I'm also the reason why they were in a hard situation recently and it pisses me off =D

xoxo, ex6.

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