8 Natural Tips For Deep Sleep

Understanding the 5 Sleep Stages will help you get more sleep. The first stage is called Stage One. During this time your body is waking up to the sensation of hunger, or thirst, depending on whether it is day or night. Stage One is also the time that your brain realizes that it needs food or water. After you eat, your blood sugar drops and your brain to realize that it needs to get its glucose (sugar) from somewhere, so it starts to send signals to your digestive system to break down sugars in your food.

Stage Two is the second stage of sleep. It is also known as Stage Four. When you go to sleep at night, your body usually does not wake you up at all. Instead, it begins to repair itself. In between each of these sleep cycles, you will experience different kinds of visions, or dreams, and you will awaken about one to two hours later.

Stage Three is the fourth and final sleep cycle. This is the time where your body actually wakes up. You may be in a light sleep or you may be deep sleep. At this point, your mind is probably wondering what you just dreamed about, but you are still alive and you are able to move.


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