Pokémon Showdown

At 9PM CET this coming Friday 9th I will be hosting a followers tournament on Pokemon Showdown ( play.pokemonshowdown.com )!

The format will be OU singles, and each match will be watched and commentated over live on stream by myself and my moderators! A maximum of 32 participants will be able to participate, with the first round of 32 players being overseen off-stream by Xerea. The 16 winners of those matches will fight it out live on my stream! If more than 32 participants are interested, a raffle shall be drawn to decide.

If you would like to participate, https://forms.gle/VtizANf7Qp8Hnj3z7 here is a link to a forms to fill in.

Submissions will be closed at midnight CET on Wednesday 7th so the brackets can be prepared, with the Round of 32 happening Thursday 8th at a time suitable for the participants.

The winner will receive their choice of 10 Giftsubs, either to their own Twitch account or one of their choice) - so good luck, and thank you for your participation!

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