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28th Jun 2021 from TwitLonger

Goodbye Outlaws

Since I've always been a man of few words I'll keep this short.

Thank you Outlaws for the past 2 years, it was a lot of fun I had lot of good times with all of you so I'll give each of you a personal goodbye.

Danteh - Been friends with you for a long time and as always you are dumb but funny, cool guy, very friendly.

KSF - Also a funny guy, good person, always late though.

Happy - Best hitscan player in the world keep it up.

Jake - Very smart and wise, cool person.

Joobi - Cringe guy, funny sometimes.

Piggy - Very funny guy, sigma one trick, and big noob.

JJANGGU - Funny person, very nice guy.

Crimzo - Very tall guy, nice person and funny sometimes.

Dreamer - Didn't really get to meet you but I'm sure you are a cool guy too.

Junkbuck - Very smart guy, his brain when it comes to overwatch is insane.

Harsha - Nice guy, very helpful and cool, smart too.

Coolmatt - Smart and nice, and very cool.

Gonna miss hanging out with all of you guys.

As for me, since I saw the very first OW2 reveal back in whenever that was I've been looking forward to playing it ever since so I'm not done with OW just yet, as for competitive play idk if I'm going to try to get back into it but I will be playing OW still, and since my new years resolution for this year was to stream more, I might as well do that now.

Also thank you everyone for your support, especially the ones who dmed me recently wondering why I wasn't in any of the Outlaws content in the last 2 months you guys have sharp eyes.

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