Hax's Rebuttal

Going to make a thread of final responses to him and then be done with this forever, because this is now just a he-said she-said situation with nothing that I can do to prove either side besides the endless amounts of screenshots and contradictions I've shown from him:

He 100% told me to my face that I had to have wanted it, I was 14, etc. To say anything else is just a lie and I have nothing else to say, and this is in line with how he's talked about victims in both evidence.zip and the D1/Moon/DJ discussions. I already admitted that I exaggerated the story, and have been nothing but transparent with the details since day 1.

I 100%, and I repeat, 100% should not have exaggerated the severity of my abuse to him, and for that I apologize, but similarly, I admit this, I understand that it was a genuinely terrible thing to do, hence why I sought help and took time away from streaming/social media to fix myself.

He talks about dating his ex girlfriend, which unfortunately is the actual meat of this issue, this was 6 months after they broke up, and he leaves out the part where I wanted to talk with him to make sure I'm transparent about it and want to make sure he's okay, because, and I told him, I would've said no without any harsh feelings if it made him uncomfortable. The fact that he's even bringing this up is absurd, and leaving this out is just a glaring hole in his story.

He also talks about how I tried to reach out to him multiple times, to which he repeatedly said he would have a discussion with me and never did. He also leaves out, that he contacted me to get Leffen off the frame 1 to the boxx, and when it was clear I didn't want to, he once again ceased communications, despite ignoring my previous requests to talk through our differences so we could have a neutral relationship and move past whatever he had been upset with me for (which at the time I didn't know).

The claim that I intentionally manipulated him to garner sympathy is just outlandish. Why the fuck would I use an incestual assault case to gain sympathy? There's 80 million things I could use instead, so why the one thing that people would rag on more than literally anything else? Trauma is one of the most anxiety inducing topics, and I wanted to tell a close friend of an experience that repeatedly came up because I felt genuinely uncomfortable whenever parents came up, and (again, wrongfully so) got extremely anxious about his response (apparently rightfully so) and exaggerated the extent of the abuse it. That's a garbage thing to do, and one of the main reasons I got help.

The types of jokes like "i Banged Dad's Wife" he made aren't a "mistake", you don't "mistakingly" joke about sexual assault if you truly care about victims. A "mistake" is "sorry I bumped into you." That's an unbelievably malicious thing to say in any context. He also talked about how I said I was "proud" to be a manipulative liar. Who would ever be proud of that? That's pure speculation that's just trying to paint a picture of someone to make their argument seem more generous. I'm not proud of it, if I was why would I go to therapy? Why would I seek help? Why would I make that post in the first place? To gain "sympathy" because my mom assaulted me? Why wouldn't I pick any of the other things from my past, that's not something you put out in public for "sympathy" because every day I get jokes in my chat and DMs about it.

I find him talking about how I manipulated him to be intensely comical, because that's what he's been trying to do to an entire community for a month. Every single one of his friends have come out to talk about problematic behaviors he's had, and this has clearly been going on for an extended period of time. Keep in mind, he never ONCE denied the claim I'm obviously most upset with until his most recent twitlonger, not once on twitter did you think to deny that, instead talking about how I exaggerated my experience over and over again? Why would that be? I find that very interesting

And then at the end of this discussion, he goes back to Leffen, and how he "lucked out?" Are you serious? It's unbelievably tone-deaf, he made the comments in public, and I had EVERY right to call them out.

I am not a perfect human being, I absolutely have made mistakes, and if the community decides that for those previous mistakes, I need to take a break, then so be it. Him self-imposing a three month ban (conveniently when there aren't any IRL events) after everything he's pulled, however, should be another indicator of someone trying to push their own narrative without trying to understand the severity of their actions, and not accepting anything they've done in the past. I have no desire to talk to this person anymore, and the only other thing I will apologize for is publicly calling you clinically insane. It was a stretch, and I had no right to do that. I'm sorry.

I 100% stand by everything else, including the stories I heard from other people, the things I've outlined here, and most importantly, the comment he made to me at The Script (pretty sure I got the tournament wrong, it wasn't Pound).

I'm sorry for bringing all of this out for others to have to deal with, but there's no way that I could look at his number of responses, his repeated failure to talk things out, his habit of reaching out to me whenever it's only of personal gain, and a complete failure to accept that he could ever feasibly be wrong, and not say something.

Thanks for reading

- iBDW

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