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18th Jun 2021 from TwitLonger

Why I created 2 / My closing thoughts for the time being

Hi, I’m writing this TwitLonger to clarify the motivations behind 2. 2 was, admittedly, a dark, controversial, and poorly presented video in which I failed to convey very genuine concerns with the status quo of Smash. I’d like to start by sincerely apologizing, as my presentation not only caused unnecessary mayhem, but also caused the entire point of the video to be overlooked. I’m also sorry for making people worry about me when there was no need to.

I created 2 because the current generation is fully in the dark about who Leffen really is and what his intentions are for the scene. This is largely due to how the media has covered up the truth about at several points in time. 2015’s TSM documentary series and 2016’s Red Bull documentary series contained revisionist history, while 2018’s theScore esports documentary made the mistake of covering Leffen’s insincere apology from March 21st, 2013. None of these documentaries told the true story.

The worst cover-up of all, however, happened right in front of your eyes half a year ago. When Samox issued the initial run of Metagame in December 2020, he showed interview footage of someone named Rocky who has hearing implants. Rocky had been abused horrifically by Leffen back during the days, and so Leffen didn’t want the current gen to know anything about him. This caused Leffen to pressure Samox to censor Metagame.

4 months later, Samox returned with an announcement that he’d be adding a 9th episode of Metagame that would feature Leffen. This episode completely wiped out the fact that Leffen ever bullied Rocky and replaced it with another hero narrative, which, needless to say, is disgusting. Leffen clearly doesn’t want the community to know anything about what was alleged against him in, and rightfully so.

Link to

To keep things brief: was a collective warning that Leffen is a highly manipulative ‘narcissistic psychopath.’ The Swedes themselves used these words in the document titled ‘Letter to Genesis 3 Staff,’ which they collaborated on together. Furthermore, if you skim through, you’ll see that the Swedes basically tell you to assume the highest degree of malicious intent and deception in every situation.

Another key takeaway from is that from the very beginning, Leffen’s M.O. was to instigate lifelong vendettas on people that ruined their experience within the Smash community. He would harass people and manipulate others to turn against them, which made several Swedes consider quitting the game. It got to the point that the Swedes felt that their scene would collapse because of how bad the atmosphere was getting, and so they banned Leffen.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because the current generation believes Leffen to be someone who works in their best interests and always speaks the truth, which is downright dangerous. By making this mistake, the community has allowed several people to fall prey to horrible acts of malicious intent. The community has also been manipulated en masse at several points in time (such as when Leffen rewrote Metagame right in front of your eyes). In general, Leffen is someone who is strictly focused on his self-interests, and often prioritizes those interests over other people’s well-being. I’ll provide several examples of this.

-In 2015, Leffen’s beef with Chillin was intended to expedite the rate at which Leffen got sponsored. Leffen confessed this in Metagame episode 9. This may not seem too malicious for now, but I’ll come back to it later.

-In 2017, Leffen looked to end my career by controlling the B0XX legality proceedings in several malicious ways. He flooded social media with propaganda that led people to believe several things about the B0XX that weren’t true. He also nearly manipulated the engineer I was working with at the time into giving him a device called an Arduino that played a key role in legalizing the B0XX. I had to stop my engineer at the last minute and tell him that we were being sabotaged (he almost handed the Arduino over to Leffen at Royal Flush).

Leffen also began blackmailing me in June 2017 with personal info in order to keep me silent while he continued to flood social media with misinformation ( Melee It On Me had no idea what was going on the entire time. This con is very important because it shows how selfish Leffen really is. He was willing to ban a controller that thousands of players would end up needing just to get rid of me.

-In 2017 – 2018, Leffen looked to destroy Hungrybox’s reputation with a smear campaign. Hungrybox was being blackmailed with personal info the entire time this was going on ( In Leffen’s video called ‘One of the Many Reasons to Dislike Hbox’ which got 400,000 views, Leffen sat next to a newcomer named Snowy and encouraged him to tell a story about how Hbox was abusive. What the public didn’t see was that Snowy was completely used. Leffen would repeatedly call Snowy ‘retarded’ off-camera (Snowy confirmed this with me), referred to Snowy as his slave at one point (, and didn’t need Snowy for anything past the smear campaign.

At Genesis 5, Leffen deliberately didn’t shake hands with Hbox in order to evoke a reaction from him. Leffen would also censor Hbox’s name in his Twitch chat and engage in other hateful acts. By half a year later at SSC 2018, the hatred for Hbox got so bad that Hbox made tweets suggesting he wanted to quit Melee ( Leffen made a tweet in response that encouraged the community to exile Hbox (, but people didn’t sense the malicious intent in Leffen’s tweet. Another half a year later at Genesis 6, Leffen tweeted to tell the crowd to calm down when they were cheering “fuck Hbox” ( This tweet got 8k favorites. People completely failed to detect that Leffen’s intention was to remove Hbox from the community while simultaneously heroizing himself.

-In 2018 – 2019, Leffen’s beef with Salem was intended to mobilize the Smash Ultimate community underneath Leffen so that he could milk them of their resources. This is similar to the Chillin beef. It’s at this point that these types of feuds start to become malicious because they show how willingly Leffen will trash someone else’s rep in favor of a profitable narrative. While these feuds aren’t as elaborate as what happened to me and Hbox, they still destabilize the Smash scene even further (people’s careers / reputations are dropping like flies because of Leffen at this point).

-In 2020, Leffen’s involvement with #MeToo was opportunistic and malicious. In Leffen’s July 2nd YouTube video (, he condemned people for blackmailing and abusing others, when he himself uses these methods. He also said “people know about, and although I don’t agree that being banned for that was deserved…” when people clearly DON’T know about Worst of all, Leffen gave an entirely false ‘victim’ testimony in which he implicated an unnamed person as an abuser during a road trip they took in 2011. This person’s name is C, and he was not the abuser; he was actually the victim. Leffen abused C extensively during this trip to the point that C couldn’t take it anymore and slapped Leffen. Leffen reframed this story in his #MeToo video by saying he got slapped 8 times (when he was only slapped once) AND acting as though he was the victim. Leffen also left out the fact that he jammed his plane seat into C’s knees twice during their flight home, which caused C knee pain for weeks (C slapped him a second time in response to this). Leffen himself stated that he was only slapped once on Smashboards in 2012, which further proves that his 2020 testimony is inconsistent ( To learn more, read C’s testimony within

Once Leffen became involved with #MeToo, he took an interest in canceling ZeRo as soon as the initial allegations of him sharing hentai with an underage Smasher came out. I do not support ZeRo’s actions in any way, shape, or form, however, it is important to note that in the TwitLonger Leffen posted ( in order to nudge the community toward siding with the allegations, Leffen made a fatal error. In the story he told in which ZeRo allegedly shared hentai with Japanese Smashers at Apex 2013, ZeRo was underage. The fact that Leffen has yet to open a case against the Japanese Smashers from Apex 2013 proves that he was only interested in canceling ZeRo specifically. Leffen would go on to mob ZeRo with his followers in order to get rid of him, which undeniably contributed to ZeRo’s suicidal state (

Leffen was also willing to use the #MeToo movement to snake Hungrybox. When rumors of Hbox allegations started to circulate, Leffen quickly implemented chat commands to prepare for them ( This shows that Hbox is still on Leffen’s radar.

Something I want to highlight at this point in the story is that the 3 people with the largest followings ever in Smash are ZeRo (330k), Leffen (300k), and Hbox (280k). Leffen has targeted both of the other two, which suggests that he wants to eliminate threats to his market share. Graph for reference:

Similarly, Leffen wants to eliminate threats to his rhetoric. This is why he’s been targeting me ever since I was a well-respected Smashboards theorycrafter. It’s also why he targeted MagicScrumpy (a content creator) in 2016. MagicScrumpy was targeted simply because he made a video called ‘Nerfing Fox’ that Leffen took offense to because of his constant attempts to downplay Fox’s strength in Melee. Leffen has looked to discredit MagicScrumpy and push him out of the community ever since that day. This is terrible for the community for obvious reasons. (Note that this happened long before any of the 600 Hours drama.)

In April 2021, the content creator Technicals began to raise doubts about the situation that led to ZeRo getting canceled. Leffen quickly targeted Technicals on Reddit by encouraging people to push him out of the community, and referring to him as a “parasitic clout chaser” ( Leffen did this because he doesn’t want people to talk about #MeToo ever again. He doesn’t want anyone to suspect that he leveraged #MeToo maliciously, and so he looked to discredit Technicals. This caused yet another content creator to take damage to their career.

One last thing to know about #MeToo is that Leffen played more of a role in M2K having to come out with embarrassing personal info than people realize. The day baseless rumors about M2K started to spread, Leffen began encouraging his chat (which had thousands of people in it) to circulate the rumors and force M2K to respond publicly. Leffen later tweeted that he didn’t start the rumors about M2K, which is highly manipulative since he did in fact play a role in circulating them. The motivation here was surely to throw some defamation M2K’s way for sadistic purposes and establish dominance over another person with high market share. This image contains everything I just described:

Some may argue that all of this was worth it because Leffen’s words had a positive impact on the victims that were coming out. This viewpoint is short-sighted. Trading one list of victims for another isn’t justified, and neither is implicating C as an abuser when he wasn’t one. Furthermore, Leffen’s involvement with #MeToo allowed someone with malicious intent to grow stronger. This means Leffen will be able to do things like censor Metagame and perform other political cons more easily down the line.

-On January 2nd, 2021, I hosted an online event called Hax’s Nightclub. Leffen quickly overran this tournament with LEVO, but he did it in a deceptive way that people wouldn’t notice. First, Leffen announced LEVO on January 3rd, but it started as an EU-only tournament ( Then on January 14th, Leffen announced that the LEVO he’d be hosting on January 23rd (the same day as the 2nd Hax’s Nightclub event) would add a North American bracket ( This allowed him to overrun my free tournament, with a sub tournament no less. Leffen displayed the willful and malicious intent to not only breach community policy by overrunning a tournament, but also make east coast players pay him to play in a tournament rather than enter a free one.

Leffen would also give another T.O. named Kone trouble with scheduling conflicts later down the line (

-A few days later in January 2021, Leffen began to misinform hundreds of Melee players by telling them that it’s better to L-cancel with digital L/R than with Z. This is false information (Z is better because it doesn’t lock you out of tech). However, Leffen would tell people otherwise day after day on his stream. Leffen did this so that he could convince people that the B0XX is designed incorrectly, and that they should switch to his button layout, which has R and Z swapped. 3 of my company’s representatives tried to reach out to Leffen over the course of the next several weeks to tell him that he was spreading false info, and he either censored or ignored all of them. Leffen then continued to willfully and maliciously broadcast false info, which caused massive damage to the B0XX community (

On February 4th, I ended up in a bad PR situation when a player named Pipsqueak tweeted a screenshot of me calling him “Leffen’s bitch” for agreeing with Leffen’s layout ( I apologize for this comment. I called Pipsqueak this because I was fed up with Leffen lying for a month straight, and so my responses at the time were hot-tempered. Leffen had been misleading hundreds of people to believe that they should L-cancel the wrong way, and that the B0XX is a defective product, and so I lost my cool.

This con and the previous one are significant because they show that Leffen will trample over people’s products/services in order to grow his brand name. Leffen had no regard for the fact that by interfering with my products/services, he was hurting my company and the community.

Leffen’s button layout causes several other issues as well, such as unergonomic motions. Here is a full summary:

-Right after I released 2, Leffen tweeted a general denial ( in which he said that none of my claims are credible. This is a full denial of several political cons that have caused people extreme damage to their brands and reputations. Leffen is also denying that he’s exploited the community with things such as the #MeToo fraud, and the way he’s controlled the media in order to cover up All of the claims I’ve made are factual and credible which is why Leffen cannot sue me for defamation.

Right as he issued his general denial, Leffen also deleted nearly 6 years of tweets. Everything from 2018 and back is gone, and so are several key tweets that came afterward. He also deleted the ‘One of the Many Reasons to Dislike Hbox’ video. Go see for yourself.

The behavior I’ve described to you within this TwitLonger is nothing short of a ruthless path of destruction to the top. Although the way I described it as a totalitarian regime in my videos may have been too extreme, there are several factors that caused me to draw the comparison. Leffen consolidates power by eliminating threats to his market share and rhetoric, maliciously hoards followers, and corrupts the media so that people fail to realize that all of this is going on.

However you want to define it, what we’re witnessing is highly destructive and unethical. The scene is being collapsed right in front of our eyes, which is why I have no issues with distancing myself from it if things remain this way. The status quo of Smash is hostile and uninviting for everybody involved (not just players). Content creators, for example, can be nudged out of the scene if Leffen dislikes what they have to say. Filmmakers such as Samox are expected to release propaganda in Leffen’s favor rather than truthful information. Hardworking T.O.’s are subject to random acts of defamation for no reason. Breakthrough innovations like the B0XX are stifled due to personal grudges. The list goes on.

When you consider that 8 years ago, it was predicted within that Leffen had the potential to erode the Smash scene, all of this becomes very troubling. Leffen is currently trapping the scene in a situation where it is forced to choose between his marketability and other people’s well-being. Personally, I believe it would be in our best interest to reconsider the degree to which we’re willing to make these concessions just so one person can be a part of our community. Our decision will affect not only the current generation, but the future generation as well.

Regardless of where you stand, I believe this TwitLonger contains valuable information that is worth sharing. I encourage you to RT in order to advance this discussion. Thank you for reading.

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