This has a different meaning.
There are a lot of words and there are not enough subtitles, but he talks about " It is desirable for everyone to have the infrastructure of the world in place, but we should not wait for it (meaning of course it is unrealistic for everyone to wait for it). So what should we do with the net code?".
“Best infrastructure and best effort connecting standards (or Arcade local response base)” are NOT GOOD FOR the same experience globally.
In that respect, I think the design structure of MK is good.

Let's say it in a little more detail.
TEKKEN 7 is getting good feedback with the introduction of Season 4 rollbacks. However, it would be desirable for them to be further improved. I will first talk about the key buffer criteria. For example, in the future, We will fix the key buffer to 3 frames (like MK for example), so that it will be the same experience globally, Not according to best effort connecting or best infrastructure. Since the history that the key buffer was zero in the local battle of Tekken was so long, there was a need to reproduce it, and until now it was a variable method (I was talking on the premise that I understand that this local arcade-based standard is not good globally). This is because many players felt uncomfortable when testing the fixed key buffer. In that sense, TEKKEN is a transitional period.

Many titles have in common that they are a basic keybuffer and rollback combination.
In the case of Tekken, as mentioned earlier, it is necessary to fix the key buffer as much as possible and increase the number of rollback frames (currently, the maximum rollback is 3 frames, but double it etc).
Again, the effects are not small, and the structure of the animation and the sensation of keystrokes are a bit different from Tekken in the past (less well known here, but they have a big impact on 3D fighting games. And same time, it's not good to combine these with one buzz keyword. I'm talking about that. Some titles do not introduce Rollback at all because they could not eliminate this effect during the transitional period of the series).
However, if it is not the conventional arcade standard or best infrastructure & effort standard, I think that many players will welcome changes in animation feeling.
So, at the end of the video, I mention the effects and changes of this fixed key buffer and further increasing the number of rollback frames.

Subtitles alone may not convey it, and my English may be difficult to read, but there are some differences in industry terms between Japanese and English.
This text is also my own English translation, so there may be some oddities.
I'm sorry about this/that. However, l will continue to improve, including communication, and we will continue to communicate with the community as before.
These are connected to a good future.

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