Taking a break..

So this might be coming out of nowhere for a lot of you guys but I have decided to step away from the Paris roster today.

Before I get into it, I want to thank all the Paris Eternal staff, players and especially fans for giving me the opportunity this season.

I have been in pain/had wrist issues my entire pro career. I remember it all started when I qualified for contenders with Angry Titans back in 2018.
I have gone to several doctors, physiotherapist, done xrays, MRIs, ultrasound and they could never find out the root of the issue. They have given me exercises to do which never helped really helped and they also told me to rest for a longer period of time.
Giving the crazy schedule we've had with contenders/owl/tryouts I never truly got the opportunity to rest except for when I got signed to Justice and didn't have my visa. I got to just watch scrims and ice my wrist every other hour or so, and I felt that it actually got slightly better.
The pain kind of comes and goes and I have gotten used to it by now for the most part. But going to sleep is the worst. After playing 10-12 hours everyday where I can zone out the pain, it all comes at night when I try to relax. This has given me way too many sleepless nights, and it most definitely isn't healthy.

Decision to take a break came earlier this week when I couldn't even open a bottle or start the car by myself. I could always handle the pain but starting to lose mobility is not something I can risk anymore.
I'll still be around watching OWL, maybe doing co-streams etc but for now playing is out of the picture until I get better. I have no clue how long this will take, I might get better within weeks, maybe months, but only time will tell.

If you guys have any questions for me feel free to come to my discord and I will try to answer everything. https://discord.gg/w8hhcGf

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