Rest of 2021

Hello everyone, It's been a while since I have made a post on social media, especially Twitter. As of today It's finally official that I won't be the main starter ADC in the LEC position. There are for sure some regrets and even some questionmarks regarding this decision considering we had 2 weeks of tryouts and personally I do believe that I performed on a very high level, but as always that doesn't say everything right?. Anyways, what's done is done there's just always this "question" on your head of "what am I missing" but all I can do is find that out.

Now about what's next for me is really not certain yet. I am yet a member/substitute for Team Vitality and in the end it might end up staying like that. I've also had a quite interesting offer (outside of LEC) but I consider the players to be on a very good individual level for this kind of competition,unfortunately I can't share more for now since I'm not sure what's the end on this topic.

Considering everything I've just said about me having regrets/questionmarks about this decision and also the 2 options about what the next couple of months in my career are gonna look like, this outcome will help me deal with a personal problem that needs to be dealt (don't really wanna get into details about it) and I can do it way easier from home rather than being outside of Greece, so nevertheless I will try to take this opportunity and get my personal issues done so I will have my head clear for the future.

All things considered, I still believe the roster for Summer Split is interesting and I wish them nothing less than making playoffs after It's truly been a while for the organization. In the end, If I end up staying as a substitute I will make sure to support/help the team whenever I'm needed. Shout out to Mephisto for his work ethic and how much he wants to succeed and Labrov for being the best support that I've had the opportunity to play until now.

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