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23rd May 2021 from TwitLonger

BnY Response

First I want to address the fact that there are no Open Qualifiers for the International. This was a well known fact that everybody knew about from Valve's blog post with the introduction of DPC Regional Leagues and as such, I created this team back in December with the sole purpose of having a chance to play in TI Quals. All Season 1 members of BnY can confirm this. I feel that to say I have "ownership" of the team because I signed up on the website is dishonest because this team would not exist otherwise.

After Season 1 of the DPC ended, Ryoya and FLee left our team which led Jubei Yamsun and me scrambling to find suitable replacements for Season 2. We were left with EE and esK, with Yamsun changing roles to make the team work. Before we even officially invited EE to play with us for Season 2, the core 3 members from Season 1 (Jubei Yamsun me) had a week long discussion about funnily enough a situation like this occurring where EE would try and kick our players and essentially take ownership of the team. I am not joking when I say there was a genuine fear of EE trying to kick players, but we assured eachother it wouldn't happen and we moved forward with the new roster.

Our team showed promising scrim results and we were all happy to move forward with high hopes in Season 2. Having said that, after our first series loss to 2B, EE immediately stated
feelings of not wanting to play with the team and that he felt he did not believe in the team. Had it not been for the DPC rules which required him to complete the season, EE would have left the team of his own free will then and there. The rest of the season was played out as an obligation but our team had effectively been disbanded very early in Season 2.

The current situation is that EE does not want to play with me and Jubei (because he thinks we suck) and has gutted my team and tried to take the BnY slot with 3/5's claim. To reiterate, EE joins the team and is now making a fuss because he can't kick players and take ownership of the team. Regarding the 3/5's rule, there still is a world where BnY can compete (Me Yamsun Jubei) and I would not be "wasting" a TI qualifier slot as EE suggests. Regarding the "spirit of DotA", I don't see why I should get my slot taken from me when I've worked for it the entire DPC only to lose it someone that joins the team and takes a steaming dump on it.

This is a shitty situation for everyone involved. I do find the "ownership" vs 3/5 situation a little strange and should be further looked at from Valve but I think they were expecting teams
to have amicable relationships. I do not wish to be in this situation. I am not holding the slot hostage, I refuse to give it to EE after what he has done to the team. I have removed EE from the BnY team because I do not wish to further negotiate with his antics.

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