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17th May 2021 from TwitLonger

The End and what comes next

Hey everyone,

today i got told that my contract wil be terminated with immediate effect and that i'm no longer in charge for anything regarding ad hoc gaming.

Well those lines will be hard to write and are bound to a lot of emotions. I've been with Mysterious Monkeys / ad hoc gaming since 2013. I never thought this as work or something to endure. Esports is my passion and what i love. I tried my best to combine this within this brand over the years. Over the good times and the bad times.

I met an insane amount of incredible people over the years and had the pleasure to work with them and be part of their journey. Thanks to everyone who was part of my way aswell and to those who allowed me to be part of theirs.

After all my way with ad hoc ends here. Someone new will take over and it will be announced sooner or later. As you can imagine i'm not allowed to go much into details here.
I was blessed being trusted like this for so many years and wished we could have achieved more. But i learned so much and i'm grateful for this.

This whole matter came pretty spontaneous for me. I didn't expect to be kicked in all honesty but it is what it is.

What are my plans now?
Well i have no idea. Since i didn't think this would happen i didnt look into options or on what to do. It is also middle of the year so most teams are set.
I still have the drive to support players, help the scene and help to grow esport more and more.
For now i will be open for any offer and see where it will lead me. I'm still in shock kinda but i also wanted to tell the people who are interested what is going on in my mind.

A more detailed and longer version will come once everything is announced.

GeeM out and first time LFT in years ... yey

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