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11th May 2021 from TwitLonger

@ The NoPixel community. We lost a Roleplayer, Alex aka Misty Mocha :(

She was pretty new but was always down to roll with whatever. She played a character that was tough, determined, mellow and brave. She often opened Smoke on the Water alone and held it down for the business. She sniped queue like a boss and took advantage of the NoPixel world. She got her hands dirty, made friends, enemies, frenemies, and would always find a moment to ask how you were doing. She was a tough fighter and she left this note for those she Roleplayed with:

“Hey! If you are reading this, it means I am dead and the fucking cancer finally got me lol. I am having my IRL friend send this message to my nopixel friends. Just want to let you know I really enjoyed the time we have spent together and all the memories we made. The past few months role playing with you has been the absolute best time of my life and the only regret I have is not discovering nopixel and the RP community sooner. If there is an after life, I hope to meet you again! All the love... Misty ❤️“

Just want to also remind the community that we have fun and make people laugh, feel good, sometimes sad while playing a game. Our characters come to life and even cause drama!(Reddit). At the end of the day I think a lot of us will agree with Alex that it has been some of the best times of or lives. Let’s stay positive and keep making awesome memories.

Rest In Peace Alex, you are missed and loved, we wish we had more time!!

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