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7th May 2021 from TwitLonger

Farewell from the Hornets.

So you may have heard by now but our team got retired. We’ve found out through outer sources that it was due to our lack of popularity and bad results.

We are beyond disappointed not only by Jelle’s Marble Runs’ decision but their behavior and attitude about this. It seems like nobody thought twice about that and they clearly saw no need to inform us about it so we don’t have to find out via some random Reddit post. Oh, and the whole idea for the “merging” with our rivals: hats off, even an evil mastermind couldn’t have thought of something more humiliating as an end to our adventure here, which unfortunately sums up the whole situation perfectly.

Two years ago we won the Fan Team Contest and with it - the right to be a part of the JMR universe and tournaments. However, what we didn’t realize back then, is that this whole “privilege” means that we’ll get invited to the next 3 events (in which we did well in one and bad in two), then we’ll get completely ignored for the next two events and then they’ll force us to retire with not even a heads up because this is how prizes are - they expire quickly, nobody thinks twice about the commitment they made two years ago, now and today are the only important things.

This level of immaturity and inadequate management have made us quite regretful of ever being a part of JMR where the people in charge clearly do not care one bit for anybody investing time or energy into this whole marble fandom since clearly the fanbase is there just for decoration and to provide extra funds for more videos.

Despite the absolute lack of respect from JMR, we would still like to take a moment here to thank our fans who got us this far. You guys were behind us in good and bad (mostly bad) and you’ve been nothing but supportive. We could never repay your kindness, you’ve given us this incredible opportunity to compete here and we’ll never forget it. We’re sorry for every bad event you had to endure and we hope that you’ll remember us fondly.

From all of us here at the Hornets marble team - thank you for sticking with us during these past two years and farewell!

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