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Call for Papers: Kant and Natural Science

Over the past 50 years, there has been a flood of interest in Kant’s relationship with natural science. This is especially notable in Anglophone scholarship. Since the pioneering work of Brittan, Buchdahl, Butts, and Walker, there have been significant developments in understanding Kant’s general contribution to science (Watkins, 2001), as well as extensive explorations into Kant’s relationship with physics (Berg, 2014; Friedman, 2013, 1992) and biology (Goy and Watkins, 2014; Huneman, 2007). In the past decade, focus has shifted toward crucial examinations of the role of laws in Kant’s philosophy (Massimi and Breitenbach, 2017; Watkins, 2019).

We are seeking contributors for a special issue to be published by Kantian Review on the topic of ‘Kant and Natural Science’ scheduled for print in early 2023. Our aim in this issue is to step back and put together a landmark for scholarship on Kant and natural science, offering contributors the opportunity to take stock of past developments and to anticipate key issues that will define future work. Invited contributors are Michela Massimi (Edinburgh), Bennett McNulty (Minnesota), and Angela Brietenbach (Cambridge).

We welcome submissions on any topic relating to Kant and Natural Science broadly construed. Potential topics may include, but are not restricted to, the relationship between regulative and constitutive principles, the distinction between normative and analytic judgments, and the division between epistemology and ontology. We are also encourage contributions examining the historical development of scholarship on Kant and natural science over the last half-century, or how contemporary understandings have developed to the point that they can offer important contributions to contemporary issues in the natural sciences.

Submissions should take the form of a 500 word abstract, prepared for blind review. To submit an abstract, please complete the following google form ( by June 30th 2021. You will receive an email confirmation when you have submitted the form. The final submission of articles for publication will be April 30th 2022, and cannot exceed 8,000 words including references and footnotes.

In preparation for the special issue, we plan to hold a series of online seminars, in which contributors will have the opportunity to present their papers to each other and a general audience. The date is to-be-determined, but we hope to host the seminars towards the end of 2021.

If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Very best,

Andy Jones (Exeter) and Andrew Cooper (Warwick)


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