100T jcStani · @jcStani

3rd May 2021 from TwitLonger

Free Agent / LFT

Yesterday, my contract term ran out w/ IMT and I'm officially FA. Had discussions with the team about re-signing but chose to test free agency. Contracts in esports are long; not many pros get this opportunity on their own terms.

I sincerely want to thank IMT for believing in me this past year. Been with the org since the very start of the game and signed me when I was a complete nobody. In addition to my teammates (especially genghsta) I really want to thank Packing and Gunba for developing me into the player I am today.

As far as LFT, I have a flexible agent pool as controller / sentinel / duelist, have shown I can grind and learn whatever is needed for the team, and can IGL. I feel very confident I can fit into and help a variety of different team structures.

Thanks for all the support guys :)

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