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Diabetes Diet That Helps Diabetics Live Longer

Symptoms of Diabetes 1 : Polydiosia

This is simply the dryness of the mouth which results to excessive thirst and the urge to take in liquid. Due to the high quantity of fluids lost through urine, the body experiences dryness of mouth and excessive thirst. The diabetic patient has an intense craving for water and yet is never satisfied.

Symptoms of Diabetes 2 : Loss of Weight 

Because the cells are starved of glucose, the body begins to make use of stored fats so as to nourish the cells. When this continues for a prolonged period of time, the patients begins to lose weight.

Symptoms of Diabetes 3: Weakness and Tiredness

It is not only the fats that are used. The body also feeds on the proteins in the body, leading to general weakness and tiredness. This is a very common symptom of diabetes prevalent today.

Symptoms of Diabetes 4 : Itching

Persistent itching all over the body, especially in the genital part of the body is a symptom of diabetes. This is true especially in women. If a woman persistently experiences itching in her vagina, a medical check up is advisable.

The above are few of the many diabetes symptoms and signs that should necessitate going for check up if one notices any of them. It is advisable for anyone who experiences the above to immediately go for check up and if found to diabetes, urgent treatment and management measures have taken immediately.

Diabetes diet is one factor that should diabetic patients should never overlook. Diet is a form of medicine. Food is the most natural medicine on earth. One cannot talk about diabetes without talking about food and dietary habits. Food is a major factor in any illness. This is especially true in the case of diabetes. Any treatment of diabetes should begin with proper food combination. It is good to note that drugs do not cure any illness. Drugs only help to strengthen the immune system and aid the system in fighting against illness.

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