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21st Apr 2021 from TwitLonger

My ban

This morning I got manually banned permanently for cheating in Siege.

Before I come clean I just want to say that I have never in my siege career used a cheat engine or hack of any kind. Yesterday I saw a tweet about the wireframe exploit and stupidly wanted to try it out, I used the exploit only for the first round of the Kafe match, which I am sorry for and although there is no way for me to prove this, it is the truth. This was a big mistake and I fucked up, when the clips started getting a lot of attention I got scared and lied, saying that it was luck which in hindsight was also a mistake.

For those that don’t know what wireframe is, it is a exploit/graphic bug ingame that could be toggled on through intel monitor graphics (It has been patched already). Here’s what it looks like:

This has been a big mistake and will never happen again.

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