Retiring From Smash Competing/Content; Moving Back To Full Time COD

Kinda hard to write this to be honest, but a long time coming.

Announcing that I will be making the switch back to pro Call of Duty, for Warzone and Cold War (and Vanguard when it comes out), as both a competitor and content creator. I was once insane at cod and top AM talent. I switched to smash bros in 2017 for a number of reasons and since that switch, have never felt the same passion or drive as I did for COD. I've never been able to match my potential, success or ambition in smash. I've been seriously thinking about switching back since about Jan 2020, even before the pandemic, and even been lightly thinking about switching back as far back as 2018. This is the right call for me.

Moving Forward:

I am still sponsored by Illuzion just now for COD. I'm thankful that they are still keeping me on and I appreciate their support in this time. Regarding the weekly Illuz and I run on Sundays, that will still be happening and I'd still like to be involved in that behind the scenes.

I will still be offering SSBU coaching via Metafy (or dm requests), along with COD and HS (obvi). I've always been better at coaching than playing imo for smash and it's something that I really enjoy doing, so I'd like to still be able to help others in the scene and train people up who are grinding. In fact, honestly, I'm looking to coach even more and I am definitely not gonna stop coaching for smash.

All my content on tiktok, twitch, and twitter will be moving back to COD. I will no longer be making smash content. I hope those that follow me for content still support my journey in esports, regardless of the game, but I do understand if that's not what you're down for.

I will no longer be competing in smash tournaments, online or offline. I will 100% still attend some weeklies/monthlies/majors/supermajors when they are back, mostly for friendships and def for everyone I've met during the pandemic who I haven't been able to talk to face to face. I'll enter a bracket here and there at these tournaments I attend but I won't be trying for wins, results, money, PR or anything, it'll just be for fun and more for the social aspect.

My new internet comes in soon. Once its in, my content will be resuming but it will be COD from that moment out. (May 1 or earlier)

Thank You:

I wanna say thank you to a lot of people in the smash community. I'll still keep up with the scene and still keep in touch with these people. Many of them helped me, inspired me or are truly amazing friends. Regardless of my game, I know these guys got me and I'm thankful for them. If I missed you, you know who you are.

Slime and Logo most of all. Train, BossMK, Wave, Forrest, Mreed, Sammy, Chad, Bandit, KirbyKid, PlagueVK, the rest of the top kkrs and the top kkrcord, Blacktwins, Riddles, Bashmo, TO Joe and the work of the Ontario/toronto TOs, Maister, Venia, Colinies, Mezio, 4T, Osama and Mus, epic gabe, arjay, wadi, CDK, deathspade, lunice, CT, Bluejay, Fresh, Grape, Orange, Gen, sonix, 8bitman.

I've had a good run but it's time to come back to where I belong.


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