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16th Apr 2021 from TwitLonger

Cloud9 & what's next?

I did my best & I wish the org/team well, but in the end Cloud9 & I decided to mutually part ways. I informed them I was no longer interested in continuing in this long-term project before this last open qualifier for VCT we played in. There's numerous reasons/factors, but among them I've realized that I'm definitely experiencing some burnout & my mental health has started to noticeably suffer. I went straight from playing pro CS for ~5+ years with almost no breaks into competing in VAL, especially with this crazy tournament schedule it's no wonder. I was happy and proud to represent an org such as C9, and to be part of their original roster in VALORANT was something cool. Even the content we made was enjoyable. I'll cherish all the memories I made with my teammates, the coaches & the staff. I'll miss playing with the boys but they're a bunch of dedicated, skilled, intelligent players & I'm sure they'll do well.

Now as far as what's next for me I'm not 100% sure. I'm going to be streaming & taking it a bit easy, focusing on my mental health & resting a bit. I'll still be open to offers during this time but I'm not in any rush; I'd like to take my time & join a team I think I'll fit well into role wise/personality wise etc.

Don't wanna make this longer than it needs to be but to all the fans that supported Cloud9 & myself, thank you. Whether you're a fan of mine for X years following from CS or a new fan that came with C9/VAL, I appreciate all the love you guys send my way & hope that you continue to support me no matter what I do or where I go. It's you guys that really keep this esports thing running, and for as many toxic-asshole "fans" I've encountered being a pro there's always the kind, supportive fans that have your back. Keep being good fans & again, thank you for all the love/support! ❤️

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