So Bad leaves Team Spirit

Today we say goodbye to the 4th position player Vitaly "so bad" Oshmankevich, who has played for our organization since the Yellow Submarine joined the Dragons.

We thank Vitaly for the work and wish him good luck in the future team!

Dota roster manager Dmitry “Korb3n” Belov commented on the situation:
“Every day we all have to make very different decisions: simple, ambiguous, complex. Our main decision was made a long time ago, but today we make it official. Today we are saying goodbye to Vitaly So Bad Oshmankevich.

Let me tell you one thing, when we needed a substitute player for the tiebreakers last season, Vitaly did everything like a professional. If we release a discord recording from training and from the official game, then no one will ever believe that there is a conflict in the team. Considering all these funny things that take place in Dota, such personal qualities are very valuable. Vitaly, once again I say thank you very much and I apologize if something was wrong.
Thanks for your time in Team Spirit. I am waiting for you in a good team and wish you to be a leader there. See you soon.”

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