Froz Esport ready for Impact

Mathias Storm founder of Froz Esport

Our journey since 2019 and until now, many things have happened, both good and educational experiences.

We at Froz Esport think it is the right solution for Danish esport that we can come under the association Impact esport, we think we can in collaboration with Dan and co. that Impact can become a place where young talents in esports can come and get the structure and framework they need. We look forward to a good time under the name Impact esport we believe we can make a difference together.

Dan Sommersøe, Chairman at Impact Esport

Our journey from Spirit of Amiga Academy to Impact takes us into a new chapter. Thanks to everyone for reaching out!

Impact esport is the result of highly valued democracy, this wouldn't be possible without our members.

With our new identity settled and Froz Esport joining our association, we are looking forward to a fresh start with a lot of hard work in the next couple of months.

First of all, getting everything & everybody settled within' our new frame, we are not in a hurry and we acknowledge our place in danish esport. With the right values at heart, we believe to be a home of great personalities.

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