Szabo, A-Team & Overall Situation within A-Team

Hi everyone,

My name is Ilyas Kaukenov. I go by Steel-_-Borco. I wanted to drag your attention on what happened in last couple of hours and give some insight knowledge about the overall situation of our team.

Firstly, I would like to take a moment and thank teammates that I had played in old A-Team roster and wish them the best in their gaming career. Our team certainly was having some communicational and internal problems that wasn't brought up. I feel like you guys attacking on Szabo is not a right move and I have to step up for him because you guys are not informed of what was happening and why Szabo made that decision. Szabo wasn't even kicking anybody, he literally left the team and took me over with WaR (CEO of WaR's my friend too). I am firstly a friend of Szabo than a teammate. He was having hard time to decide and he made a decision, which he definitely could do, and there is no right or no wrong. It is his personal choice.

Secondly, A-Team slot belongs to Szabo himself. He can do whatever he would like to do, he may kick 1-4 players and add up new players. It is HIS team. I was invited to that team 1.5month ago, I was very skeptical because I was super unsure if we could make thing work, but through the scrims and today's officials on Octaexon League, Szabo made a decision to leave the team and we got an offer from Wind and Rain to play for them and play with their 3 current remaining players. I personally could've gotten kicked too, but I was in that place where I am considered as an NA player and that's reason why TheBloodySky & b1kA. were leftovers. WaR needed an NA mid and NA 4, so WaR choose playing with Sword, SateSate and yol.

Thirdly, I do not support AlienManaBanana's thoughts on Twitter post, reddit, etc. Szabo and I were both professionally telling that we are sorry and it is all just business and that happens Szabo is the manager of the team and the slot belongs to him. He is the responsible for that and he made the decision, which in his mind is right. It is like a business, in Russian we say "don't wave fists after a fight". There are more insights on why Szabo left a team because our recent games weren't satisfying and AlienManaBanana knows why.

And lastly, I wanted to let you guys all know that Wind and Rain has not paid Szabo or me anything for kicking/leaving a team. That was Szabo's personal choice.

Thank you for your attention!

Best Regards

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