Important discussion and reminders to the Vtuber Community

I’m writing this as not just a reminder to myself, but as a reminder to all you other Vtubers, and even just general streamers alike

Watching this community grow, watching it go through its ups and downs, experiencing the ups and downs myself has really got me thinking. I made a twitlonger a bit back I titled “The Vtuber Community and Over the Top Expectations”. The longer I partake in this community, especially at the moment as I’m crunching and preparing for my debut in two weeks, it makes me stand by what I said even stronger than before. And with that being said, here are some reminders :

First of all, if you go into streaming with the expectation of blowing up, you are not in this in the right mindset. At all.
Wanting attention and working towards improving yourself for more followers etc is incredibly ok
Walking into a community, a very saturated one at that, EXPECTING to blow up is NOT HEALTHY. Do not expect anything.
Work towards what you want, but if you expect it, you will only disappoint yourself, put yourself down, etc.

Next, and the more important half I wanted to discuss on this post :
There is NO such thing as a “real vtuber” or a “true vtuber”. You are NOT obligated to meet ANYONE’S personal standards of what they believe is a “real vtuber” to be valid, by any means.
If you want to wait to debut till you have a full model, all your assets and a nice PC, that is ok. If you want to stream ASAP with a png and work on growing your assets over time, that is ok. If you want to do anything in between, THAT IS OK.
You can be 3D, you can be 2D, you can be a PNG, it doesn’t matter.


You do NOT need to be part of a group to be a vtuber or to gain popularity. Want to be a group ?? Go for it. Want to work fully independently ?? Just as valid. Just because you see big Vtubers in friend groups always streaming with each other does not mean you need to as well. Do not over work yourself trying to communicate with every mutual you have. It is just not realistic. Take things at YOUR OWN PACE AND COMFORT !!! Want to have a big friend group to always stream with, hell yea !! Want to work on your own or only stream with a friend or two, hell yea !! But do NOT force yourself to make connections with every mutual you have just because you feel it’s obligatory.

Idol culture and hustle culture is destroying this community and its expectations on streamers and Vtubers. I constantly see criticism from not just fans, but from other Vtubers directed at their own peers too.
Constant debate about “stream now” “png stream” “do whatever you want” blah blah blah is just so damaging

Yesterday I was thinking back to how YouTube and streaming has changed so much over the last 9 years. I was thinking back to how normal it was to start off small, to have a bad camera and bad set up, no over the top PC or over the top assets. Just you and your camera, mic, and recording system having fun. It is a whole new world of expectations now. As social media grows and as people see all these big streamers and big Vtubers with all their assets, expensive models etc. they associate that with being the norm, and start to expect it out of others and themselves.

Most streamers and youtubers take YEARS to get to where they want to be. I feel like as every year goes by, people are getting more impatient and expecting more off the bat with streamers and YouTube creators

And this does not just go for fans, this goes for the creators themselves. Do not put yourself down because you don’t have a $2k PC and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of assets and a model. Please don’t rush yourself. Take it at your own pace. Having future goals for yourself is wonderful, but try not to hurt yourself so much by comparing yourself to Vtubers backed by companies, groups, or Vtubers with the money set aside to be able to afford those assets earlier on.

You are you. Go at your own pace. Be yourself. You do not need to meet ANYONE’S expectations. EVER. Do not let some dumb fucks on the internet ever judge your work speed, your progress, your anything.
Take this seriously if you want to, but please remember to STILL HAVE FUN. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your time. I can guarantee you your streams and yourself will be a lot better if you make sure to enjoy yourself too.

I love you all, keep doing your best and do not ever let anyone tell you you aren’t working hard enough. You are incredible. You are strong.

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