Samsora, Mistake, Zack, MattyG (Reupload)

Samsora, Mistake, Zack, MattyG
Information gathered from reliable sources. I have DM'd people personally to get this info and get it out publicly

Screens on the MattyG and Zack situation are at the bottom and with a story of how things happened


Mistake got MattyG and Zack together

Zack and MattyG mentally abused each other

Zack cut himself with razors because of mental abuse

Mistake let the situation escalate

Salem was oblivious to the age of Zack's relationships and thought he only dated people around his age

Salem deescalated the situation by talking to MattyG and Mistake


Samsora and Luhtie were there and helped Zack not bleed out

This situation was covered up because they all agreed to "not talk about it" Salem didn't respond to this

Samsora was interested in Luhtie

MattyG and Zack had sex

-Unrelated but noted information-

Mistake sexually harassed Salem often (Unconfirmed)

Samsora has given Zack alcohol before (Unconfirmed)

These screens prove this situation Salem mentioned did happen. Things surrounding it are questionable and has to be confirmed by others for further information. The twitlongers and video show Salem has consistency in his story

Samsora lied about hiding information

If true what was said about Samsora being there with Luhtie that means Samsora has been in not one but two situations involving Zack and an adult and has failed to report yet another situation

Cagt talked to Samsora but didn't talk to Salem. I'd also like to add that in my opinion no decision on a person should be made by any community leaders without proper communication between those involved in such a serious matter. This type of thing has happened time and time again in this community and there have been consequences for rushing these things. I'd prefer to not be bias but Samsora having lied and as well being more involved with Zack than Salem loses Samsora credibility and shows that he is not the most trustworthy. There should be further investigating and communication done and the community leaders should reevaluate the situation again before any action is taken

(Screenshots and the story)

Mistake got Zack and MattyG together while knowing the relationship would not work out. He did this because he could not be with MattyG because of his religion. In the hotel there was Zack, Mistake, Luhtie, Samsora and Salem. Mistake had said something to set off Zack and that caused an argument between Zack and MattyG over messages. Mistake was also keeping Salem's phone hostage to try and make sure Salem didn't tell MattyG anything because Salem wanted Mistake to tell the truth about everything. Zack began losing his mental when Mistake wouldn't tell him anything. Mistake hid this information even up to after Zack had went into the bathroom and began cutting himself with razors. Samsora and Luhtie were the ones who swiftly came in to take care of Zack's cuts. Zack was shaking and in fetal position. He was mentally broken at the time. This set Salem off to take his phone back and talk to MattyG himself. He had explained the entire situation to MattyG and deescalated the situation to the best of his ability. Everything was resolved and everyone agreed that this situation never happened excluding Salem. Salem began talking to MattyG again later to check if there was anything else going on. All the screens together is their entire conversation together



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