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23rd Mar 2021 from TwitLonger

The End.

Well, this is it. This is my “retirement” from Rocket League and from streaming. I can’t really call it a retirement because I never made it anywhere haha. I know to a lot of people, this twitlonger won’t really matter as I have no influence on people what so ever, but to me this is the end of a big chunk of my life.

I started playing rocket league in season 2 met 3 legends who were Anthony_2555, kngjay0n and JDimes30, who showed me the ropes of RL for the first couple of seasons. I then took a long break from Season 4 to halfway through Season 8 to try play Competitive CoD, and surprise surprise, I didn’t go anywhere in that. Came back from a 4 season break and got GC in that season. From there I met quite a few more legends who are doing insane now and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Sadly as time went by with constant streaming and constant grinding the fire was slowly starting to fade. I went through quite a few Org’s and met some pretty chill people here and there, but ever since I joined Ora, pretty much 90% of the people there hated rocket league. Pretty much I was an outcast preaching a false statement about Ora because I wanted to be apart of something with them, but all it was, was people having their own cliques and saying “oh we family forever don’t worry.” But as soon as your not benefiting them they just throw you away. My time in Ora was not that good at all, I’m sorry for preaching false things back when I was in Ora, I just wanted to be apart of something so bad. After Ora my motivation and fire for RL and streaming was completely gone. I tried and tried so hard to get it back but to no success. I still keep up with a few people from Ora the ones that were actually fun to be around. After Ora I had the worst few months of my life, with multiple friend suicides and deaths, work issues, covid, fathers heart condition and it took a big hit on my mental state, but I wanted to keep trying and grinding for the reason I have 82 in my name. It’s time I tell people the reason I have that specific number in my name. So I had a close friend of mine, very close friend who supported me so much with rocket league and gaming was always there checking in on how I was doing and RL was going and just being a true friend. Sadly on February 8th 2019 he passed away. I’m not going to say his name nor the way how he passed but, a few months later down the line I changed my name from VertGG to Vert82 in dedication for him so that if I made it, it be even more special. Sadly I haven’t made it in gaming and I don’t think I will.

As of now, I don’t really know what my plans are, I will still be playing casually just for fun and other games, maybe random streams once every two months just to see how people are doing. I will still continue to support my homies on twitch and in RL, will keep up to date with Competitive scene because it’s still interesting but I’ve just come to the realisation that I am not good enough nor entertaining enough to make it.

I want to shout out a list of people who have impacted my life through my RL “career” so to: Anthony, Jaylon, Jdimes, beeyu, tvar, slickmike, MoneyNab, Adverse, Zexall, Glocka, Rabidplatypuss8, Monku, Cronati, Zyron, ToneLoc, Bumpin, Godlayy, UncleBen, Quakeeyy, Mizu, Comp, Jay, Hyperfirez, dav, xi, Faded, Volteroh, Snow, Paps, Tahaha, Broc, Shea, Vision, Slushi, Toastie, Spyder, Pig, LJ, Ghostcrash, tallie, AuntJemima, Tonnix, Impact, Dragon, Juroh, crave, s3o, G1Z, Lulu, laughingbear, Icewyte, Rickmin, Mytheros, Joedabro, Pagz, Jaybow, HTG, Iconnick, Jase, lickatsplitt, Nick, Grayson, Aech, and many other amazing people I have met on my gaming journey. If you didn’t see your name in here that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, it just means I’m dumb asf and tired it’s midnight when I’m writing this.

I will still be playing RL sometimes just not as much, so you will still see me around don’t worry. I will still continue to support the homies and watch them succeed in their lives. Never know if I start enjoying the game again and become a lot better who knows I might come back, ya know like come out of retirement haha good one Vert nice!

But yeah, thank you all who supported me up until this point, it really does mean a lot to me, more than I can put into words. You lot helped me through a lot of tough times, so thank you from the bottom of my british heart. I love you all and keep doing your thing and excel with it.

(PSA) i am doing a lot better in life, I am actually happy and enjoying life outside of rocket league and gaming which is nice.

Well from one last time thank you for everything. It was a good run, and I’m sorry I let you all down.

From Vert82

(Aka: The happy sad aesthetic lad, Pain82, the aesthetic king, Peng ting, teasipper47, Jay Nutman)

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