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As said before. I never paid attention to Nairo's age like that, I assumed he was like 16-17 at most. Zack always talked about sex casually to everyone as well. Not just to me. I was happy for Zack to be happy in a relationship I thought was just two kids. We have talked some about this thing between them before in real life conversation and he seemed happy even though he didn't know if the relationship would work out or not. What I said was very questionable and I understand that and know what it looks like. Yes I see that in what I said makes it look like I'm enabling pedophilia. I made a huge mistake, this doesn't excuse me making assumptions and not questioning Nairo's age once during the times I saw them together and that's completely my fault for that. As well I understand that I should not have a conversation like that with a child even if they actively are a person that talks casually about sex. I'd like to say though that what I said is not in the idea of like "Oh this kids voice is cute like this" regardless of what I said in the screenshots. I did not mean that I liked a kid's voice. In my headspace when I was speaking to Zack I meant to him, his voice must've been cute to him. Not to me. Which is what I should've said. I had the conversation with him before and remember having it exactly and what I meant. But I auto piloted the conversation because I was happy he was getting somewhere in a relationship, Zack often showed signs of depression and sadness for simply just not being in a relationship and I related to that very well. That's literally all there is to it there. I said those things and was happy for Zack because his relationships don't work out AT ALL. This at the time was me assuming they're two kids. To add to this-- At CEO Dreamland I saw Zack laying his head on Nairo's lap. I assumed this was fine BECAUSE AGAIN I thought they both were kids.

Then much later I was lied to several times by Zack and investigated the situation on my own later to find out the truth. I've said this before. Now, ZACK'S FRIENDS? They all probably actually knew what happened and if not? I'm sure they convinced him to make that twitlonger. Yes it was a complicated situation. Yes, nobody knew who's side to be on. I knew LESS THAN EVERYBODY ELSE and why? because I don't go looking to be in people's business. It comes to me. But the one time I actually looked I had to literally LOOK FOR INFORMATION MYSELF TO FIGURE ANYTHING OUT. Now let me tell you something about this as well. As I was talking about it on twitter as I was revealed in screenshots (even though I told Zack I did not care to be blurred out or not.) Samsora DM'D ME to delete my messages regarding him having known what was happening. ( ) I actually called Samsora earlier before things were revealed to OFFICIALLY FIND OUT EVERYTHING FROM HIM. I even asked later what was going on after as he became SILENT. ( ( ) Since he was Zack's best friend and when I had called Zack earlier before then Zack told me he made everything up. Calling Samsora was where I actually learned everything I needed to know. I DM'd Zack and he told me his "friends convinced him to make a twitlonger" and he needed my help for proof, that's where those screens come in with me. I just wanted to help because I thought he was just some troubled kid that was being manipulated. I allowed this because I thought it was the right thing. This suddenly was happening for some reason. This was forced out of nowhere for some reason. This was the actual problem. Why was he convinced suddenly? nobody talks about this part specifically. Either way, the people who had the MOST influence over the entire situation were Zack's friends. Not me.

Now on to the MattyG situation. If you watched my video or read any of my twitlongers he was ALSO involved with Zack and was in a relationship with him and MENTALLY ABUSED HIM TO THE POINT OF WANTING TO KILL HIMSELF. I didn't know MattyG was an adult at the time because people also said he was a kid just like nairo. BUT, this is the thing. I literally didn't know much about him except that and he was some guy that Zack started hanging out with more and more. BUT, if you watched my video or checked my twitlongers the person's fault in that situation is the "third party" I say third party because saying exactly who it is would out them due to their religion. However you should already know who it is. Luhtie and Samsora were ALSO HERE. They were the ones who tended to Zack's wounds when he cut himself.

During the process of making this twitlonger, I was actually DM'd by MattyG with a threat. The threat was that if I mention his name, he would post videos of me giving Zack alcohol. ( ) I personally do not recall doing this, but if it is true, then I very much apologize but I will not be silenced.

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