So I don't know what to say really, didn't expect myself to be in this position but now I am. I don't really have a choice at this point but to take a three month break due to negotiations not being able to come to an agreement between Vitality and a potential buyer.

Which in turn most likely will lead to me retiring.

This is based on the fact that when stage 2 starts, I will during the last 15 months of time, back to invitationals 2020, only have had competitive play in 6 out of those 15 months due to breaks with the team and breaks I have had to take. I would myself not pick up a player into my team that have had that sort of record, so I do not expect anyone else to do so either.

This does not come to the fault of anyone in my previous team and having different opinions on how to go forward in moments of failure will always be the case, sometimes that leads to splits inside of a team. I am obviously disappointed in the decision that then have had to be made by the staff but they are responsible for their organization and team and I understand that they go for what they believe in the most, even if I think it should be another way.

I want to thank the team with all the players and staff involved for the time we spent together, it was unfortounate that we failed as big as we did, didn't see it happening, but it is what it is. Also a thank you to the supporters that supported us through these times.

For now I will sit and be available for the team if they would need me, which I doubt as my best level of french is "ja ma pelle baguette" but as I am still contracted that is my duty.

As I said the chances of me being bought out are now minimal I expect my final retirement to come when the contract is out as I have then provided the services I have signed myself to do.

We will see what happens a long the way

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