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13th Mar 2021 from TwitLonger

Gross Gore: a long history of being a sexual predator

In 2008, at the age of 13, I made a YouTube channel with the goal of becoming a big Youtuber. RuneScape was my life, and at the time I idolized some of the greats like Tehnoobshow, Defil3d and Skychi. My videos quickly became popular as I was one of the first people to make PK commentaries. I reached a few thousand subscribers after I started collaborating with other video makers like Purple_0wnz who had a large following at the time. I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I was getting views and so many people wanted to be my friend! Sadly, Gross Gore was one of these people. He left me comments calling my voice sexy, and I admittedly loved the attention. We quickly added each other on RS, and started Skyping almost every day after school.

Ali realized I idolized him during the first few weeks of becoming his friend. At the time, his clan chat was a very popular place to hang out, and I would spend time showing off my rank in it. Ali was always very sexual, always saying how sexy my voice was. He also loved asking me questions about what I looked like, what I wore that day and what I was into sexually. But I always thought this was just Ali joking, and that we just trying to be funny At the same time, Ali knew I wanted to collaborate with him and I enjoyed the attention I would get being his friend This is when Ali started to make "deals" with me to help with my YT channel. Ali offered me video opportunities, clan chat rankings, and being featured on his personal YT channel. In exchange, all I had to do was moan as he masturbated. I was young, sexually inexperienced and had no idea what to say or how to moan for that matter. But Ali coached me, and wrote out things for me to say. Even at 13 I knew I was doing something wrong, but I didn't understand until many years later how he used his power over me to help him masturbate.

This relationship went on for a few months. But Ali always wanted more from me. He began asking me to send him naked pictures. Fortunately, I did not have a cell phone or webcam at the time and had no way of actually going through with his demands. Nonetheless, It got to a point where I had to lie to him and say I had a boyfriend. This way, even if I got a webcam or he bought me one I wouldn't be able to take any pictures for him. He was persistent, aggressive and would not take no for an answer. Ali grew tired of me saying no and deleted me off Skype and RuneScape. He began harassing me in the comments section of my videos. He then went on to tell every big video maker I was a slut and they shouldn't trust me or make videos with me. Ali had tens of thousands of subscribers at the time, and had no problem using his big fan base against me. For the next few years I was constantly harassed by him and his fans. He made other people hate and judge me without even knowing me.

I was always too scared and intimidated by his big fan base to ever speak up. With time, people forgot about me and I made peace with the situation. Over the years I have joined Ali's streams and donated small amounts or subscribed using Twitch prime under my YT name to see if he would remember me and maybe shoot me a message so we could discuss what happened. He has NEVER recognized my name, and I could tell he had no idea who I was. His emotionless reaction made me realize how such a traumatic event for me meant nothing to him. For this reason, I believe I am not the only person he had done this with, and I believe there are many, many more people out there with similar stories.

I was not aware of all of the recent stories of Ali sexually harassing others until today. After seeing a Reddit post with the details of many stories, I felt the need to share my story. I want people to know Ali has a long, deep-rooted history of sexual harassment. Although I have had since 2008 to heal, after reading other stories I fear for the safety of vulnerable people around him. In particular, hearing how he assaulted Jenna when she was drunk made me realize he has only become worse in the 13 years it's been since I last spoke to him.

I hope my story prevents another person from becoming one of his victims.

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