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French Girl Interview!

In 2016 Pyrocynical uploaded a video accusing me KEEMSTAR of many FALSE Proven FALSE Allegations!

Pyro Claimed that i DOXED him went on his private facebook & tweeted out his photo before he ever did a face reveal.

THIS IS FALSE! I did tweet his pic but i got it from his friends who already tweeted out his photo. And where did they get these photos? Months before Pyro did a face reveal on Uber Dangers channel!

Pyro LIED!

Pyro also claimed i accused him of dating an underage french girl. Pyro took my stream clips and edit the clip in a way to make it seem like these were my allegations. FALSE!

The full stream clip proves i said on stream that it was Pyro's old friends that said this NOT ME!

After Pyro's slanderous video on me i recovered DMs with Pyro and the French proving there was some type of relationship. Pyro responded in a reddit post saying they were just friends.

For 5+ years the commentary community has labeled be as a person making up lies about Pyro dating a underage French girl. 1. NOT MY ALLEGATIONS IT WAS HIS FRIENDS but turns out it is true with out a shadow of doubt Pyro was E-Daiting this underage french girl , the DMs & this interview i have linked at bottom i have files on top of files ! If Pyro still claims im lying or whatever SUE ME YOU CLOWN! IN A COURT OF LAW!

The truth is Pyro has LIED to his fans much like John Swan & used his fans like pawns.

I recorded this Interview many months ago , i did not release it right away for many reason. Many i cant share with you. But 1 reason i would like to share is i spoke to Pyro in private right after i recorded the interview. Now i will NOT share what was said in private but it was very clear to me that Pyro still tries to lie and manipulate to get himself out of hot water. I wanted to give him time to think about everything and hopefully he has taken that time and is ready to take accountability instead of spinning this like he has in the past.

I know many that know this story well might think i want REVENGE! I did want that for many many years. That hate for Pyro was in my head but then Ethan Klein moved in and evicted pyro a year ago.

Pyro i just want you to tell your fans the TRUTH that you lied about me. And i want everyone reading this to know this is not just about me and Pyro this is about the safety of kids in our community and the story you will hear in this interview is hearbreaking.


Link to Audio Interview

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