Ray · @hedwig1369

8th Mar 2021 from TwitLonger

Happy International Women's Day.
From Madame Marie Curie to Jane Austin to Anne Frank to Rosa Parks to Dolly Parton.
And because I am a sports fan. From Manon Rhéaume to Billy Jean King to Danica Patrick to Katie Hnida to @RefAubrey to Sarah Thomas who became the first female to referee a Super Bowl this past season.
All these women made HUGE contributions to society and the world. There are MANY more. They could even be a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, best friend or even your neighbour.
Isn't it time that women are treated with the respect they deserve? Let's remember to celebrate women every day and not just today. Today may be a day that people are more aware, but let's apply this mentality to our every day lives.

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