HARRE · @H4RR3cs

7th Mar 2021 from TwitLonger


I was informed yesterday that i was no longer in the active roster in Dignitas, and i just want to say i am glad i got the chance in the first place. I was never myself in a role i didnt expect to play in my career but im glad i tried it out, it for sure made me a better player and i felt my game expanding atleast. I gave everything i had, i always play like its my last game ever and give 100%, its a shame it was not enough :( I would like to thank the players and our coach for making me improve and helping me grow as a player, i wish them good luck in the upcoming tournaments i hope they can do well! I would also like to thank the Dignitas fans, they are really special i have got some amazing messages and a lot of love from them which i wont forget.

As for the future i love this game to much to be away from it and i know i have a lot to offer to any team when playing my role.
If you want to get to me reach out to Dignitas and aswell to my agent at contact@ulti-agency.com

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