Ethan · @Sabe_lol

22nd Feb 2021 from TwitLonger

Barrage vs No Org Game 5 Forfeit

I want to make a brief statement about the situation regarding Game 5 of Barrage vs No Org.

Unfortunately, there are scenarios that are simply out of our hands. Player power outages are one of these situations. I empathize deeply with the players and staff on Barrage, none of us from the TO's to the players on No Org wanted Game 5 of this series to be concluded in this way. It's a sad way to end the season but ultimately there is no way for us to offer an alternative, especially with Tier 1 slated to start immediately upon the conclusion of our season.

Thank you to the Barrage staff and players for participating in our season. Your organization brought a refreshing amount of personality and excitement to our league and I wish all of you success in Tier 1's.


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