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20th Feb 2021 from TwitLonger

My experience with @/AsianAndyFilms

I never saw myself having to write a Twitlonger, but here I am. I'm tired of dealing with creepy men and feeling like I have to keep my mouth shut. I’m done with being walked all over and taken advantage of. When someone says “NO” that doesn’t mean you stop and try again another day. I'm going to be writing about my experience with Asian Andy- someone who I thought genuinely cared for my well-being and safety. I lost power and water in my house for 3 days. Having a reptile in freezing temperatures could kill them so my first action was to find someone who I could trust that I could stay with while I wait for my power to come back on. Andy picked me up and drove me to his house where I was able to take relax, or so I thought. (I stayed with Andy from Feb 16th- Feb 19th)

From the first day I got to Andy’s house I told him I didn’t want a relationship/hookup of any kind. He chose to ignore me and kept telling me “I like you.” Lots of people came over to shower and hang out so I felt safe until they left. Once they left he then proceeded to touch me and I kept having to say no because I started feeling extremely uncomfortable.

On the final day, I was woken up in shock. Andy was spooning me, had his leg wrapped around me, his hand underneath my shirt groping me while dry humping me (WHILE I WAS ASLEEP) The moment I woke up and realized what was happening I felt like I was going to throw up and had to pry him from me and tell him to stop. Once he went back to bed I sneaked out and paid $57 for a Lyft back home. I didn’t feel safe enough with Andy driving me home.

I have been balling my eyes out since I got home. I have never felt more violated in my entire life. Please girls be careful who you trust. You shouldn’t have to deal with creepy behavior and non consensual acts of any kind. I hope no other girl has to deal with this behavior.
I wish no hate/harassment towards AsianAndy
This is my FIRST and LAST Twitlonger.

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