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15th Feb 2021 from TwitLonger

since there is misinformation going around, here is what really happened in FTW

I was not going to post this and was just gonna move on but it seems that some people want to spread lies, I will keep this short and be as honest as possible.

I joined FTW a bit over a month ago to play in the LPLOL split, in the week before the first tournament game, I was not happy with the scrim results we were having and I was criticizing some of my teammates plays and asking them to play differently, I for sure was acting egoistical and I could've said things differently, after that the staff told me that I should behave better around my teammates and I understood that I was in the wrong, after that I did as I was told, I was not complaining, I was complimenting my teammates for doing good things, and overall having a much better relationship with everyone.Still, we were doing poorly in the league, although the games were close, we were losing games we shouldn't, I was sad about it, sometimes blamed the draft, but I did not talk shit about my teammates at any point, Creon was the only one that I still had a pretty bad relationship with, he would consistently play poorly(in my opinion) and blame it on me, either my picks, or my mindset, we did not get along. After our game vs BFC, Creon once again blamed me for losing the game, I did not speak with my teammates after the game that day since I was too pissed and did not want to say something I shouldn't, I just vented a bit about a situation in the game, but did not target anyone. The day after, I get told by the management that I would be benched for the next week since the team wants to try an alternative. I, of course, was not fine with this so I asked for a meeting to explain to me why this happened, but the only thing that I was told is that Creon complained to the management and was trying to get me benched, meanwhile the other players said they also wanted a change but did not specifically target me. I waited 3 days without being told anything more, then I get a message from FTW that I am released from my contract, I was surprised to see I was kicked, not benched like I was told before, without a warning or anything, their reason being "toxicity and behavior issues"(that's it, no further explanation). Apparently me not getting along with Creon warranted an immediate kick without warning, meanwhile Creon is still playing unpunished even though he was also contributing to the problem the whole time.

It's easy to paint me as the villain in this story but the truth is that significant behavioral improvement was there when it was asked of me but it did not matter it seems, can't call it any other way than a backstab when I got an immediate kick without warning for something that I 'fixed' and that for sure did not deserve such a harsh punishment.

Not to mention they did not even pay me my salary for the month we were together.

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